The Google Arts and Culture App

Interaction of art in the modern world has been revolutionized by social media. Snap chats and memes form the museums have enabled people to reimagine paintings and sculptures as if they existed in the modern world. The Google Arts and Culture app is among the methods that social media is using to recreate art and empower people to recreate and appreciate the history of art. The app was released in 2016 and has now introduced a new feature that pairs a person`s selfie with an art doppelgänger. After downloading the app and taking a selfie, the app matches a person with several paintings with different artistic styles that suits ones face. It uses an automated image analysis for the comparison of the face to the thousands of artworks that are shared with the Google museum.

Some of the pictures produced are incredibly flattering whereas others are not much presentable. Apart from generating a match of the selfies, the Google app can further zoom in on some of the fantastic pieces of art in explicit detail. It enables the people to connect and enjoy art history through technology that has facilitated numerous advancements in different fields. The Google Arts and Culture app work for everyone, and it is an excellent app for people with a huge interest in learning the art.


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